INside Track: Managing Your Manager

Yeah, it shouldn’t have to be this way, but get over it – there are times (many, in fact, if your manager isn’t a designer) when it’s in your best interest to school up your boss. So, while they make more money than you and sit in that corner office, take the time to explain the nuances of design and the creative psyche so they’ll be more inclined to support you on those big asks. They should know this stuff but they don’t  – and you do – so there’s a powerful opening to influence your manager.

3 thoughts on “INside Track: Managing Your Manager

  1. Andrew

    I know just what you mean! Just after I read your comment I hit the roof in reaction to my manager (who is not a designer) treating me as another pair of his hands with no brain of my own. The trouble is not that he doesn’t know my job, but the fact that he doesn’t respect that I do! I’ll have to take your advice when I calm down!

  2. Andy Epstein

    You just made a great point, Andrew, in speaking to how you’re going to wait to calm down before approaching your manager. I had an account exec. once tell me about how to manage my emotions with the 3 R’s – Retreat – Reflect – Respond. You obviously figured that out on your own.

    Good luck with your boss.


  3. Toni

    Hahahaha!! I have the same problem. However after yrs of “teaching” him, and explaining things, it has come to no avail. YES, I have been extremely calm in explaining. They take my ideas and slap their name on it among other unethical practices. : (