INside Track: Open Up

I recently had a mini epiphany (more of a validation of a belief I had but wasn’t sure was true). I was in a meeting with two members of our team about revising a logo that morphed into an impromptu brainstorm. Before I knew it, two other creatives had joined in and were coming up with excellent ideas.

I absolutely believe that it was the physical layout of our office that triggered this small but important occurrence. Our studio is the antithesis of the typical corporate cube-opolis. It’s an open loft-type architecture with a conference table in the middle which is where we were meeting.

The process of design, whether it’s generating ideas or communicating logistical information, is all about free flowing communication. Nothing kills that faster than the rigidly segmented interiors endemic in the corporate world – really. Do some research, create a cohesive, well reasoned case and push for a space that truly meets your needs and sets you and your team up for success.

One thought on “INside Track: Open Up

  1. Jeni Herberger

    AMEN Andy!!

    Your surroundings are not only important for you and your own creativity, they are absolutely indicative of how your department will be perceived! Another idea, jump in and make changes (respectfully thought out changes) without asking permission – ask for forgiveness later!

    Bottom line – you gotta look creative to be seen as creative!