INside Track: Poor Form Follows Function

It’s no mistake that the In-house Intelligence chart, “Bucket O’ Fun(ction), that clearly illustrates how much time in-house designers spend on non-design related functions, was posted as a follow-up to the review of “Chief Culture Officer”. Their proximity throws into sharp relief how many in-house designers are not being tapped for their strategic and core competencies.

So the next time you find yourself spending an hour in a meeting on how the company should be parsing arcane regulatory policies or become tied up in a maze of procedures to requisition that new Pantone swatch book, know that you are not alone. If possible, try to excuse yourself from meetings where your presence is more of a CYA than a need-to-know. Nobody ever engaged a $500-an-hour corporate lawyer to discuss the finer points of a company picnic. Why should your valuable time and talent be wasted on similar inanities?