INside Track: Ronnie’s Got It Right – The “how” is as important as the “what”.


How a project is delivered is often as important as what’s being delivered. Just ask budding food entrepreneur “Ronnie” the grilled cheese guy, who’s created a business bringing, you guessed it, grilled cheese sandwiches to New Yorkers craving comfort food on the lower East side.


The novelty of calling the cell number of the anonymous Ronnie for a grilled cheese fix and having it biked to a location of your choice lends just enough mystery to the transaction that customers get the cheap thrill of seemingly buying contraband. The product is almost tangential, as noted in this excerpt from an interview with Ronnie on “Marketplace”:

NEWNAM: Isn’t that part of it, though, cause you get away with a lot cause it’s such a clever setup that this sandwich could suck and I would still be tickled.

RONNIE: Definitely. The product still has to be good, but even if it’s not excellent people are still probably going to like (it).

While I’m not advocating buying a beeper and riding a bike around the halls of your company, a key part of your customer service efforts and attempts to enhance your client relationships, could be adding flair to your interactions with your clients. It’s another potential expression of your creativity.