INside Track: Set the Stage – Hit the Ground Running

One of the biggest obstacles to bringing in temporary reinforcements during busy cycles, when the full-time team can’t handle the workload, is ramping up newcomers on procedures and policies. Many groups just bite the bullet and put in insane OT because of that challenge. Unless you’re embarking on The Manhattan Project II, you can prepare for this situation.

  1. Create a manual. It should include general studio procedures, a workflow chart, file prep instructions, archiving and file naming conventions, an org chart and specific project types explanations.
  2. Designated mentors to assist with onboarding. Make sure it’s more than one person if you have a larger team so you don’t burn out your mentors.
  3. Guest workstations prepped for easy use.

It may be painful upfront, but the ROI is well worth it. These actions have the added value of keeping your current team current and can be used for new full-time hires as well. Don’t forget to show of your onboarding program to your managers and clients to showcase your business acumen.

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