INside Track: Supply-side Realities

You’d think that finding and forging good working relationships with dependable competent vendors would be the easiest part of your job. Heck, you’re paying them! The sad truth is that this is often not the case. It’s important to put as much time into choosing a vendor as a spouse (well almost as much). Vet, vet, vet – get recommendations from your peers, get references from former customers, get info from the web.

Just to make the whole deal more difficult there’s corporate procurement policies to navigate. Gotta love the 3 vendor limit – does that mean one illustrator, one photographer and one printer ? (or three of each? – which still may not meet your needs) When you hit this particular wall, enlist your clients in the battle for flexibility – it’s their project that’s going to suffer if you can’t secure the appropriate talent. It doesn’t hurt to educate your Procurement team about the realities of your business either.