INside Track: The Ins & Ins Of The Sell

You’re screwing up your courage to ask your manager for a new Mac or more staff or money for the In-HOWse conference. You’ve made a list of all the great benefits there would be for you should your request be approved. STOP! – For lord’s sake don’t do it!

The conversation should not be about what’s in it for you – it should be about what’s in it for your manager (or whomever it is you’re making the request of).  It’s easy to get jazzed up about the possibilities of an approved request and, as creatives, we often wear our hearts on our sleeves and can’t help but get excited and take the “what’s in it for me” approach. But you’re selling the idea to someone else who needs to hear what the benefits are to him or her. They’re putting something on the line (busting a budget, calling in a favor, a fight with Finance) to get you what you want so it’s only natural that they want to see what’s in it for them. So scrap your original list and write down how granting your wish will help out the askee and the company not the asker.

One thought on “INside Track: The Ins & Ins Of The Sell

  1. Jason Graham

    I learned the power of the word “we” from a boss I had a long time ago. Although she used it to refer to projects that “I” was going to work on, it can be used for good instead of evil. It’s a very inclusive word. 😉

    Think of all the cool new things “we” could implement.
    “We” would be able to keep up with trends.
    “We” will get lots of print samples to give us inspiration for that next project.

    You get the idea.