INside Track: The QPT Equation

I was reminded during a workshop I was conducting of a lesson I learned from some seasoned design pros when I first got in the business – that there are 3 variables to the design project value equation – Quality, Price & Time.

Simply put, the 3 are interrelated.  If a client has no time and little money, then the quality of the deliverable will be negatively affected. Conversely, if there’s a ton of time and money to throw at the project, the client can, and should, expect a excellently designed outcome. Another scenario would be, if the client wants a quality piece and he doesn’t have a big budget, he should allow for a long lead time so that the design team can work on it between higher priority projects.

Obviously, clients want it all on every project regardless of the realities of the value equation.  This gem of an explanation, though, may help keep those difficult reality-check conversations between you and your client, a bit more focused.

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