INside Track: The Rule Rule

If it’s not written down

it’s not a rule.

Corporate cultures have a way of generating their own set of urban myths, bogus policies and unsubstantiated so-called truths. At best, these faux facts constrain the way we work, at worst, they actually destroy innovation, efficiency and competitiveness.

Do yourself a favor and don’t assume, just because you heard it, that a particular supposed rule or policy is actually a bona fide rule or policy. Do a little detective work and check your corporate and/or HR manuals and with department heads about the validity of a policy you’re unsure about.

Respect authority but question it mercilessly.

2 thoughts on “INside Track: The Rule Rule

  1. Cailin

    Great post! It’s amazing how some information can travel through our company and be so distorted at the end that it doesn’t resemble anything close to the truth. If something doesn’t sound right, it’s best to go to the source to clarify and confirm.

    “Respect authority but question it mercilessly.” Fabulous!