INspiration Wednesday: Debbie Millman Anticipates the Unanticipated

Roberts_Post QuoteYou must know how to present … even if you are nervous or afraid. Presenting is a skill, a science or an art—like design. To be truly successful, learn to anticipate the unanticipated and relentlessly prepare. Doing so will make you more powerful in your presentations.

—Debbie Millman, president, Design Group at Sterling Brands


Debbie Millman is a brand consultant who along with her team has redesigned over 200 global brands. She also finds time to be a writer, educator, artist, editor, host and an incredible presenter. Debbie Millman is a force of nature, an inspired woman to truly admire. Meet Debbie in San Francisco and listen to her presentation in person at the 2013 HOW Design Live Conference. You will most certainly be inspired by her insights on branding and all matters of design.


Remember, this week and beyond, anticipate the unanticipated and present your ideas and work fearlessly. If you would like to strengthen your presentation skills, find someone in your area to help you develop them. Have an incredibly inspired Wednesday!