INspiration Wednesday: Bob Calvano Has Giant Ears

Turn the mundane into opportunities. Grow giant ears.
— Bob Calvano, Director, Global Creative Studios at Merck

Bob Calvano manages a huge team of multidisciplinary talent for Merck. Merck’s global vision is to make a difference in the lives of people through innovative medicines, vaccines, biologic therapies, consumer health and animal products. Bob believes that safe design is not going to make people stop and look. He encourages each member of his in-house team to shift their perspective and expand the realm of possibilities by thinking globally, creating work that makes people stop, look and think. Bob encourages all of us to turn the mundane into opportunities and suggests that to do so we must grow giant ears. Inspiring words from one of us, especially for us.

2 thoughts on “INspiration Wednesday: Bob Calvano Has Giant Ears

  1. Bob Calvano

    Thanks for the kind words, Ed. We are currently pushing the limits on a project within the Animal Health division that will, without a doubt, make people stop and look. It’s not exactly what the client asked for, but if we only present exactly what they ask for, well, then we are not really needed. What we will present does meet the requirements, and I’ll be as bold to say it will exceed the goals of the project. Now I just have to go and sell it (to a conservative and traditional client).

    I’ll be speaking at the How Design Conference in June and will certainly cover the topic of expanding the realm of possibilities, and share plenty of visuals. Hopefully I’ll see you there.

  2. edr3

    Thanks Bob! The new Animal Health division project you’re preparing to present sounds intriguing. I’m sure you and your team will knock that conservative client’s socks off! I get a charge from hearing this type of enthusiasm!

    You make a very interesting and valuable point about the role of in-house teams pushing the boundaries of the creative produced for our clients and exceeding goals. What’s cool about that perspective is in-house teams have that inside knowledge to be accurate, strategic and innovative.

    I’ve already registered for the HOW Design Live Conference and added your session to my conference agenda. I’m looking forward to your session. I hope to see your new Animal Health project!