Inspiration Wednesday: Jeffrey Zeldman on Content

Quote4Content is not just a writer’s problem, it is a design problem. As good advertising comes from the product, and good filmmaking begins with a riveting story, good web design starts with content.  –Jeffrey Zeldman

If you don’t know of Jeffrey Zeldman, I’m sorry, you just might be living under a really, REALLY big rock!

Zeldman is the genius behind Happy Cog, a Web design agency headquartered in New York with offices in both Philadelphia and Austin. Zeldman wrote the book on Web standards titled Designing With Web Standards. This book has been translated into 13 languages and the third edition has been published.

Zeldman’s team at Happy Cog have won numerous awards including Web Design Agency of the Year, along with many other accolades for work designed for some of the world’s most recognizable brands like Ben and Jerry’s and

Needless to say, Jeffrey Zeldman knows how to present information on the Web (check out Happy Cog’s Shopify themes) and doesn’t mind sharing his immense knowledge with the world. What is most fascinating about Zeldman is his willingness to foster young, creative talent.

Let the content that Zeldman and the smart folks at Happy Cog produce inspire you today.


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