Is There A Doctor In The House?: Anyone have performance review docs relevant to creatives?

Our company hasn’t had a creative team all that long. We have an employee evaluation form that the whole company uses, but I find that it doesn’t really do the job I need it to do. I am always trying to warp it and cram a meaningful evaluation into it. I need to make something that is more applicable. I know I will need to design it, but I am having trouble deciding where to begin. I thought I might reach out to some other In-Housers and see if they would share some insight.


8 thoughts on “Is There A Doctor In The House?: Anyone have performance review docs relevant to creatives?

  1. Andrea Yinger

    I don’t, but if you get a hold of something useful, please pass it on! Always looking for something more than what we use for the entire organization.

  2. Kim Ziereis

    Bring these ideas on! I’m on a rouge mission to overhaul our legal-sized, over-engineered, left-brained evaluation forms. Beyond just redesigning them to be more functional, I’m also really interested in the content of what you all are evaluating your teams on. Our mid-year reviews have been given over a sushi lunch and 4 bullets points. The sushi was great, an anchoring document to create an action plan and effectively evaluate my team, priceless.

  3. James R.

    Our in-house team suffers from the same woes. We each year must fill out “goals and objectives”, which are based off the G&O of our director, then manager, then us. Each with a slightly more personalized version. We call them “goals and objections”. At the end of a fiscal year we then evaluate performance based on those goals. Which is often a poor tool for our manager to accurately evaluate creatives.

    However, our manager has used an “unofficial” method very similar to this form Creative Business.

  4. Matt F

    I run a team of 4 creatives (including myself) in a very fast-paced and growing apparel company. We measure performance based on the standard HR issued performance evaluation, but also get to write in 3-4 individual quarterly metrics that roll into a bonus program. This lets me tailor individual’s goals for their individual challenges. Its a new program, but it gives all of us specific things to target. So far, so good.

  5. Thumbs

    I might have something for everyone. It’s a mix of “functions” that our HR dept. and my creative team determined needed to be in the eval. Under each function are a couple of categories that go into greater detail about the every day expectations, but it’s tailored for each job position (e.g., copywriter, graphic designer, creative director, etc.). Granted, it doesn’t look pretty because it’s a requirement to be in Excel, but it’s chock full of great expectations that you can clearly outline to your team. Post your email if you’re interested and I’ll send you our designer, copywriter and creative team lead files. You can then manipulate them however you need to. : )

  6. Deb Budd

    We have a few forms in the Second Wind Agency Documents library; a Creative Personnel Evaluation form (uses a basic scoring system, and is not specific to any position, but you could add questions to improve specificity) which could be combined with a goal-setting/planning form.
    I’ve made both examples “public” and will leave them available for download until August 5, 5:00 p.m., so get ’em while you can. Send feedback or comments to deb@secondwindonline. Hope they prove helpful.