It’s Not About The Work

Metrics2The people who hold the fate of your team in their hands don’t care about the work you do. They don’t care about your equipment, your and your team’s expertise. Nor do they care that you produce best-in-class deliverables and that your clients love your designs. They only care about whether you and your team are providing business critical services in a cost effective and efficient manner. That’s it.

This fact leaves you with a choice – dig into data (big and small), learn Excel, capture time, relevant design metrics and present those metrics and analysis to upper management on a regular basis. Or to continue to just focus on producing great creative and pray that your company’s bean counters don’t sniff you out (which they will) and outsource your team in the name of cost efficiency.

Based on informal surveys I conduct at industry events, I’d guess that very few of you are actively engaged in any of the practices I noted above. If you’re in the minority that do, you’re doing yourself and your teams a great service and positioning yourselves for longevity and obtaining a “seat at the table.” For those of you who are not – I’d recommend that you seek out books, seminars, online training and classes to develop and hone those skills to achieve the success worthy of the work your teams create.

Additional Resource

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