A James Bondian Leadership Lesson

bondiangThere’s a quick but very entertaining scene in the most recent Bond movie, Skyfall, where Bond, after nearly being killed by an assassin on the top of a high-speed train and then taking a death-defying leap from a decoupled car onto the preceding car whose back end has just been ripped open, without skipping a beat, rights himself and quickly but carefully adjusts the cuffs of his sleek silver gray suit.

That ability to move from crisis and regain or not even lose composure in the first place is a trait that would benefit any creative team lead constantly confronted with daily fires that need to be extinguished. The key, I believe, is to stay focused on the necessary next steps while jettisoning any fears, concerns and anxiety about what just occurred. It’s over, and while there are lessons to be learned, it’s important to strip out the emotional sludge before analyzing and quickly moving on.

This blog often focuses on the “what” that needs to get done when running a creative organization and dealing with all the accompanying complexity of working on multiple deliverables being executed by multidisciplinary teams. But the “how” is equally, if not more important. Not only will the “how” directly impact the quality of your execution of your role, it will influence others on your team who look to you to set the tone for the group.

I’d recommend staying as present as you can at all times and keeping in the back of your mind these words – grace, compassion, objectivity, humor, more humor and service.

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