Join the Revolution!


Join the Revolution!

By Ed Roberts

I’ve traveled the country attending various conferences searching for seeds of knowledge that I could plant and harvest for the purpose of nourishing my career. On the menu was one celebrity designer after another either discussing a year-long sabbatical of self-discovery or pontificating on the personal gratifications of charitable design. Don’t get me wrong, those aspirational bites tasted great, but I left hungry for something much more organic and rooted in my day-to-day reality.

Last summer, I decided to forego another year of aspiration and try something new. I attended the HOW Design Live Conference held in Chicago. I’m so glad I did! The pre-conference workshops were refreshingly hands-on. The speakers and panelists were keenly knowledgeable in-house designers and managers who were approachable and open to one-on-one conversations. I found the lunch roundtable discussion hosted by visionary in-house manager Andy Epstein to be especially beneficial to me. The roundtable discussion group was comprised of eight in-house managers who shared thoughts and ideas over a great lunch while receiving incredibly insightful and personalized advice from Andy. Overall, the camaraderie formed among conference presenters and attendees was truly priceless.

At the close of the Conference, I no longer felt stranded on an island like Tom Hanks in a Robert Zemeckis film. I left Chicago feeling as though I was a member of a legion of motivated people who were passionate about creating exceptional solutions in-house. The HOW Design Live Conference has inspired me to think of revolutionary ways to gain consensus throughout my organization. The knowledge I received last summer has helped me to develop plans that will position my team as a driving force within our organization. We have made significant strides towards meeting this goal by developing innovative solutions that helps to strengthen our brand from the inside out.

Consider joining the revolution in Boston, register for the 2012 HOW Design Live Conference. It will be the best allocation of staff development funds you’ll spend this year!