Learn How to Supercharge Your In-house Team

supercharged engine 2Learn How to Supercharge Your In-house Team
By Ed Roberts

What are the key characteristics of a high-performing in-house team? What makes some in-house teams more highly valued than others? It isn’t just talented people and awards—trust me.


We all know the basic foundation of a solid in-house team lies in its ability to be creative. But how do members of a creative team collectively navigate the corporate landscape and ever-changing tides of client demands, constantly changing technology and software knowledge while producing stellar work and maintaining solid, collaborative working relationships with each other? It can be tough and nearly impossible for the very best teams.


I’ve worked in the advertising industry managing both people and processes for 20 years (half of that time in-house). A good portion of energy was spent culling advice and through trial and error testing each technique or concept. I’d like to help you save 20 years by sharing my formula for taking a team from zero to high-performance in just one hour. Register for “Supercharge Your In-house Team,” my new live design tutorial.


I’ve navigated through government agencies, non-profits and corporate America constructing truly high-performing teams. In this new tutorial I’ll share, in great detail, the characteristics of high-performing in-house teams and how YOU can absolutely transform your team. I hope you’ll consider registering today for my live design tutorial held on Wednesday, July 24 at 2 p.m.


Ed Roberts is a Creative Director who has assembled a brilliant in-house team of strategic, creative superheroes. Together they recently won 16 ADDY’s and three Telly awards for print, Web and broadcast work developed for ElectriCities of NC, an organization that manages billions of dollars in electric generation assets and serves over 500,000 consumers. Follow Ed (@InHouseObs) on Twitter for more inspiration and insight.


Join us at the InHOWse Managers Conference June 22-­24 in San Francisco for more great information from our in-house experts and your peers! Plus, I’ll be giving a live, webinar presentation on how to supercharge your in-house team on July 24 – sign up today!