Leverage Your Enemies

For those of you fortunate enough to work in an enlightened organization that fosters autonomy, innovation and responsibility accompanied by needed authority, enjoy your good fortune, promote those values within your creative team and thrive, thrive, thrive.

For those of you unfortunate enough to be working in a bureaucratic, politically charged, dysfunctional corporate dystopia, I have a different recommendation; embrace that environment and leverage it to your and your team’s advantage. Chances are you’re not going to be able to change it, at least not in your lifetime or only in small increments, but you can create a sense of shared purpose and entrepreneurial spirit within your group by making your host company an entity to engage in battle with.

That war should be framed not as “might makes right” where it’s a zero-sum game with only one victor. The battle is for the victory of an ethical, supportive, nurturing, objective, rational and solutions-based culture over the previously mentioned selfish, greedy, arbitrary, emotionally disconnected one.

It’s surely preferable to rally the troops against an enemy than try to sugarcoat or lapse into an apathetic victim mentality in response to being embedded in a poor corporate culture.

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