Metrics Monday – Volume of Work

In-house managers polled for the 2012 In-House Creative Services Industry Report shared their total project volume for 2011. Creative leaders often discuss how many projects their teams create, and it’s true that there is a general correlation between number of projects and team size. For example, 93% of teams producing less than 500 projects per year have less than 10 team members. But for the nine respondents whose teams produced more than 8,000 projects last year, team sizes varied from “11–20” through “100+”. So while it’s true that large teams (50+ people) rarely created less than 4,000 projects per year, and small and mid-size teams (less than 50 people) typically produced less than 4,000, it is not uncommon for the mid-sized teams (21–50) to create upwards of 8,000 projects per year.

While it’s interesting to discuss volume in terms of number of projects, it’s not an apples-toapples comparison across organizations. Volume, in its truest form, should be discussed in terms of number of “billable” or “utilized” hours per year.

Andy Brenits is the Creative Services Leader for Arizona Public Service and President of InSource which is a co-author of the In-House Creative Services Industry Report along with Cella and the Boss Group.

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