Metrics Monday – Where We Report Into

When surveyed for the In-House Creative Services Industry Report, more than 75% of responding creative leaders indicated their department reported in through a strategic, value-adding department such as Marketing, Communications, Advertising,
Brand or some combination of those divisions.

When the creative team is positioned within one of these divisions, the organization is more likely to be considered strategic and value-adding. In contrast, when a creative team reports in through a shared services division, the department is often viewed as a commodity, which makes it more difficult to succeed in becoming a strategic partner.

It is possible to overcome the disadvantage of not being aligned with the Marketing (or like) department; it just requires the creative team create a brand for itself outside of its “home.”

Andy Brenits is the Creative Services Leader for Arizona Public Service and President of InSource which is a co-author of the In-House Creative Services Industry Report. For a free copy of the report the above metric comes from go to