We Need Your Help in Benchmarking In-house Operations

SurveyHave you noticed the recent explosion in discussions about the rise of corporate creative teams? Forbes, Ad Age and Ad Week are all taking cues from HOW and regularly publishing articles on the topic, suggesting outside agencies need to evolve traditional ways of operating in an effort to curb shrinking client rosters. They’re also encouraging ad agency leaders to sit up and take serious note of clients who are bringing strategic and creative operations inside by establishing in-house creative departments.

Did you know that 85% of in-house creative teams comprised of 20 or less people produce up to 2,000 projects annually?

Whether you work solo for a local nonprofit in a small town or one of 100 working for a global brand, your efforts have raised the awareness and value of internally produced creative. Collectively we’re changing perceptions and making believers out of non-believers in the business world and on Madison Avenue. With the spotlight shining so bright on us, it’s time to come together again and benchmark our operations—both the challenges and successes. The data collected can be used to illustrate to your senior managers and the advertising industry at-large the quantifiable value in-house teams provide in their operations.

As you are well aware, in-house managers and their team members are known for getting the job done in every situation imaginable. We need your help in gathering information that can be used to justify and inspire improvements in-house. Please take a few minutes to share your operational insights in a benchmarking survey. I completed the survey and hope you will too. Your valuable input will be included in the 2014 In-house Creative Services Industry Report, presented by The Boss Group, Cella Consulting and InSource.

Participate in the In-house Creative Services Benchmarking Survey
We would like to ask for your participation in the survey for the next In-House Creative Services Industry Report. The results of this survey will provide valuable insights and a source of validation and direction.