Oh Watta Night!

‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the in-house,

Not a client was stirring except for Louie the louse.

He was planning a rush job to send chills down one’s spine,

It was heavy on production and light on design.

It had lots of revisions and no CB,

And a deadline that read as ASAP!

With no budget or hard specs, it was quite a hot mess,

It had 30 key stakeholders, maybe more, but not less.

Louie walked down the hallway, a cruel grin on his face,

When who should appear but Dan Pink in old Santa’s place.

He wagged his finger and admonished bad Louie,

“The way you treat your designers is a big pile of hooey!

These designers are strategic partners, you hear!

So start treating them right and holding them dear!”

Louie cowed in a cube but began to see the light,

Realizing design thinking maybe really wasn’t so trite.

He approached his designer like in some kind of fable,

And offered up to the innie a strategic seat at the table.

The designer pulled up a chair to get down to business,

When the c-crowd delved into all kinds of silliness.

“Um, excuse me,”she said, “But I think I’ll take leave.”

And went to her monitor to design a new Christmas eve.

This tale is quite true in it’s own weird kind of way,

But don’t let it ruin your fine holiday.

Have fun and refresh and leave work behind for a while,

Cause you know when you return there’s going to be quite a pile,

Of to do’s and some don’ts and ninety-eight emails to boot,

So for today forget it all and don’t give a hoot.

Happy holidays!

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