Our Pursuit of Fearless Leadership


Our Pursuit of Fearless Leadership 

by Ed Roberts

Many organizations are quickly coming to the realization that the strategies and core values they adopted decades earlier are no longer valid and are potentially detrimental to their success. Organizations seriously committed to pruning their hard-edged traditions and adopting more adaptable strategies are emerging stronger and better prepared to survive the economic storm we’ve all been weathering. Understandably, those that fail to take transformative steps forward are disappearing at alarming rates, as evidenced by the absence of some of the world’s most—at one point in time—recognizable brands.

The graphic design industry has always embraced change. Think of the last time you actually needed to use Letraset press type? Graphic designers simply can’t afford to burrow their heads in sand hoping the next wave of technology won’t wash them out into a sea of obsolescence. No! Graphic designers—especially in-house graphic designers—must be fearless not only in their creativity but also in their pursuits to constantly educate themselves in an effort to stay ahead of the curve in a volatile business climate.

In-house graphic designers are on the frontlines of revolutionary change and are obligated to shine a light on areas that inhibit their organization’s growth. We have a dual responsibility to be capable of designing kick-ass, on-target marketing campaigns and be catalysts for positive change within our organizations. We must be fearless leaders and seize our place at the corporate table.