Project Management Tools & Software

As a busy professional graphic designer, you often find yourself stepping into the role of a project manager, whether you work in-house or at a design firm. Tune in for advice from pros at top creative agencies and the heads of corporations about the best project management software, tools on the block. Plus, hear stories about solutions creative managers have employed to help answer the age-old question: How to Project Manage Effectively.

DesignCast: How to Estimate, Price & Schedule a Web Project

Part of the Print to Web Project Management DesignCast series! Date: July 27, 2010 Time: 4:00 PM EST Duration: 1 hour If you’re transitioning from print design into web projects, or you’re a veteran web designer looking to get control over your workload, this DesignCast series is for you! Register now for the Project...

File Management Done Right

Digital file management is one of the most crucial aspects to any design business, but it's often overlooked or left to the individual to personally manage. Here's how to get a handle on your firm's files and make your work life easier.

Project Management Tools in Action

In HOW's June 2009 issue, Technology columnist Stephen Beale reviewed leading project-management tools for creative firms. He also spoke with real users to gauge the pros and cons of each program, and to get their advice on how best to implement these tools. Here's what they told him.

Time Management and the Creative Person

Have you ever noticed how there’s no clocks in casinos? The result is it’s hard to know what time it is, how long you’ve been there, and when it’s time to leave. It’s a lot like that when it comes to time management and the creative person. What makes us innovative and creative also...