Quotes Of Note: Creativity Consensus

According to the IBM 2010 Global CEO Study, which surveyed 1,500 Chief Executive Officers from 60 countries and 33 industries worldwide, CEOs believe that, “more than rigor, management discipline, integrity or even vision – successfully navigating an increasing complex world will require creativity.”

CEOs say creativity helps them capitalise on complexity “The effects of rising complexity calls for CEOs and their teams to lead with bold creativity, connect with customers in imaginative ways and design their operations for speed and flexibility to position their organisations for twenty-first century success.”

Amen to that! If we are going to find solutions in a world that is becoming increasingly interconnected and complex, we cannot rely on traditional ways of leading and managing.

Linda Naiman, founder of Creativity at Work, notes in the quote above, a trend that in-house designers would do well to leverage. No profession is better able to capitalize and execute on the corporate adoption of the creative mindset than designers. Amen to THAT!