Quotes of Note: The AMA On C-Skills

And communication skills also are prized assets because they are indicative of a good leader, says Sandi Edwards, senior vice president for the New York-based AMA’s Corporate Learning Solutions.

“Communication isn’t just speaking or writing well. In order to [communicate well], an individual has to think clearly, understand what’s key and express it persuasively. In fact, communication is recognized as a core component of leadership in today’s global economy, and that’s another reason why it’s so top of mind in today’s organizations.”

As further proof, communication skills were also valued more highly than critical thinking and creativity in that same AMA survey.

I came across this quote in an article on the Human Resources Executive Online e-zine site. In case any in-house designers had any doubts about the strategic importance of higher-level communication skills and the need to get schooled up in those skills, the above should put those doubts to rest.