Raise Your Visibility with the In-House Design Awards

How can you know how your work stands up compared to other work out there? Competitions like the In-House Design Awards present a great opportunity to see how high the design bar is set — and to get motivated to jump right over it. Plus, teams featured in the magazine as Merit, Outstanding Achievement and the Best in Show winners raise the visibility of their work, as winning work is shared with the vibrant HOW community in our magazine, here and on our social media platforms — reaching creatives all across the world.

Showing that others have recognized your hard work is never a bad thing. You know that the other departments in your company will give you even more respect when you can say, “Check out this issue of HOW, which features our work!” Or at the next department meeting, your team can proudly say, “We’ve won an award from the HOW In-House Design Awards….'”.  You know your work can stand among work by other top-notch in-house groups, such as the examples below, and you deserve to get noticed for it.



Let’s take this 2012 winning project created by the internal agency of Beam Inc., which was in the Consumer category. This Jim Beam Honey Packaging showcases the brand and the team’s talent.

As the team members, Jennifer Meinders, Craig Niedermaier, Craig Pollock explain, “What better way to attract bees to the hive than actually depicting a piece of sweet, tantalizing honeycomb on the limited-edition Jim Beam Honey bourbon package?  This design was developed to instantly communicate the product platform since it’s a unique flavor profile for Jim Beam, but at the same time it had to appeal to the core male target and his masculine sense of identity.”

Or let’s take this Carolina Panthers Rebrand, which was a winning entry in the Entertainment category a few years back. Created by the team at National Football League , Shandon Melvin, Chris Stackhouse, Tim Shamey, the logo and logotype reinforced the Panthers organization’s character and value. The superstars of the NFL aren’t always the creative team, so their entry was a way to show off their design chops.


Or take this non-profit winning entry by the in-house team at NPR. The NPR Impact Reports, designed by 
Betsy Martin, Katie Burk, Kathie Miller, Rebecca McArdle
, are a series of reports (mini annual reports specific to areas of NPR’s news coverage) for use in development outreach.

Each report reflects the breadth and depth of NPR’s journalism and provides major donors with something that demonstrates the value of their financial support. The reports can stand alone or be used as a series.

ut when ideas get approvals because they’re expertly sold, creativity continues to explode. – See more at: http://www.howdesign.com/in-house-designer-blog/5-reasons-designers-love-selling/#sthash.Y94dp5x0.dpuf

NPR-High_ET2This team showed off their own understanding of the brand, their audience and how design can make even a report look great.

You’ve created great work this year, whether it be packaging, a logo, or even an annual report. Raise the visibility of both you and your team and  and enter the In-House Design Awards.