Read This! The Click Moment

the click momentFrans Johannson, the author of “The Medici Effect,” continues his exploration of human intersections in his new book, “The Click Moment.” According to Johansson, success is random—far more random than we would like to believe and strategy, planning, and careful analysis can no longer guarantee strong performance.

When you dig deep into the actions of successful people and organizations, you’ll find one common theme. A turning point occurs, and they take advantage of that serendipity to change their fate. There are a number of specific actions that we, as individuals and organizations, can take to capture this randomness and focus it in our favor.

  • Pay attention and look for unexpected and rare opportunities.
  • Embrace spontaneity.
  • Improvise. Think like a jazz musician.
  • Open yourself up to chance encounters and jam.

Additional Resource
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