Resource: Biz Models Presentation

In keeping with the spirit of Linux and the whole open source movement I’m posting the PowerPoint of my presentation at this year’s InHOWse conference for anyone who is interested to download. For those of you who attended the presentation at the InHOWse conference, I hope it helps reinforce and remind you of insights you may have gained from the talk. For those of you who didn’t attend the presentation, it may be hard to fill in the gaps but if you buy my book, “The Corporate Creative“, it should help clarify and expand on the topics covered in the session. I’ll also most probably be presenting a modified version in a more intensive workshop format at this year’s AIGA GAIN conference.

My sincerest hope is that it helps you in designing and implementing a powerful structure for your teams to operate within.


2 thoughts on “Resource: Biz Models Presentation

  1. Lonnie Tapscott

    Thanks for all the great information. I took copious notes, yet having your presentation is great for filling in the spots I failed to note.

    This was my first ever conference and it was INCREDIBLE! I took back so much information it will be weeks before it all soaks into my core.

    Thank you for making the time and effort to inform the in-house design community on best practices and just encouragement.