Showcase Your Dedication and Talent: 2 Award-Winning Projects

Whether you work for an insurance company or a furniture store or a non-profit, you’re dedicated to your company. You tackle each design problem with care and dedication — and it’s because you’re a pro on many levels. You know what ideas will get your client excited. You know your company’s constraints and hang-ups. And you know your company’s branding, mission and annual goals inside and out. This is why you’re a great in-house designer: You create stunning work with the same logo, colors, fonts and so on. Like we’ve said before, you’re the unsung heroes of the every day. Your work always strengthens your company, and you deserve to get attention and praise for your work.


Sharp HealthCare welcomed its 15,000 employees to an all-company assembly with a suite of materials designed to encourage kindness. The lunch-bag invite was meant to be filled and given to someone in need.

Let’s take this Outstanding Achievement winner from the In-House Design Awards, created by the team at Sharp HealthCare in San Diego as an example. The Sharp HealthCare is the largest medical-services system in San Diego, with more than 15,000 employees, seven hospitals and a host of services and facilities. For their annual All Staff Assembly in 2011, which emphasizes Sharp’s goal of “transforming health care,” the team developed the entire look for the event.

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HOW’s judges cited the interactive nature of the event design, with three salons that invited attendees to contribute to a collaborative “story wall,” see what their colleagues did with their Bag of Goodness, and get inspired by an immersive display of uplifting messages.

Regular contributor and former editor of HOW, Bryn Mooth wrote:

Sharp’s annual All-Staff Assembly, which takes place at the San Diego Convention Center, embodies this emphasis on transforming health care. It involves three identical programs presented over two days (so that every staffer can attend without disrupting patient care). A cross-departmental collaborative group developed the Greater Good theme, and Sharp’s creative services team came up with three core messages (Connect, Give, Hope) and developed all the supporting materials for the event.

From the invitation (a screen-printed lunch bag) to conference materials (a linen drawstring bag, program and T-shirt) to the environmental graphics, everything about this campaign encourages engagement. Staffers were urged to fill the lunch sack with goodies and pass it on to someone in need; they could tell about their acts of kindness on a Greater Good blog. HOW’s judges appreciated the completeness and cohesiveness of the project, down to the smallest detail.


Red Kap’s launch kit was sent to distributors.

Or take the Red Kap Performance Work Shirts and Denim Launch Kits, a Merit winner by Red Kap, a workwear company in Nashville,TN. The creative team wanted to set their brand’s work shirts and jeans apart from the others in the marketplace. So, they developed this launch kit to send to distributors, focused on the “No Frills, All Skills” concept.

From company events to kits and products sent to distributors, your dedication is clear in the work that consumers encounter every day. The In-House Design Awards are a great way to show your organization that you’re creating award-winning work and to showcase your commitment to them


Plus, this year’s Best in Show winner (among other prizes) will win a trip to HOW Design Live in 2015. Enter your in-house work today.