DAM_PMEvery time I speak at an event on any topic remotely associated with operational best practices for in-house creative teams I ask the questions, “Who has SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) and DAM (Digital Asset Management) in place and are they being properly utilized?” Without fail, less than half of the audience raises their hands. Here’s what I say in response, “OMG!, RU Kidding Me!”

Without clear, documented and integrated processes, policies and procedures and digital resource management, you are risking regulatory and legal non-compliance and federal audits and penalties (dependent on your business). Your teams are doing double- if not triple-work because everyone is constantly reinventing the project management wheel. No one knows where to find files and when they do they don’t know if they’re the most current ones. Your team may be violating stock image usage rights. Teams are most likely handing off sloppy files to each other creating ill will, team infighting and poor morale. Need I go on?

Whether you choose to attend the HOW Digital Asset & Project Management Forum, engage a consultant or school yourself up on your own to create and adopt DAM and PM best practices, you need to do it and you need to do it soon. This is no LOL matter.