TCG Roadmap: Mastering New Technologies

Mastering New Technologies

Think Multiple Platforms

Tim Heyer, advertising project manager at Carlstadt, NJ-based Pantone, Inc., says that his company is expanding into areas such as iPhone applications, while also getting involved in social media, to better understand the needs of its customers. This strategy can increase your team’s relevance: Wherever your company is focusing its branding and marketing efforts – whether it’s webinars, podcasting, streaming video or blogging – your creative department should be involved in helping to ensure the consistency and coherence of the firm’s image and message.

“Most designers I know are creative thinkers beyond just the realm of design. Use this thinking not only to create great design but also to brainstorm ways to help your company,” Heyer advises. “You may think of ways to improve the direction or messaging of a piece you’re working on, for example, or maybe you have an idea for a program to help bring in sales.”

Use Technology To Your Team’s Advantage

At the in-house agency of Equifax, a global information solutions company based in Atlanta, HTML and Flash-based projects now account for 30 percent of the design team’s work, says senior creative director Brian Tisdale. The team also has recently begun providing photography and video-editing services to all levels of the company.

To keep track of a steady, high volume of projects – more than 1,000 unique jobs in 2008 – the team uses an electronic job input and tracking system. “This is essential to communicate progress, meet due dates and provide client comps,” Tisdale says. “Our clients have access to avoid confusion and disputes.”

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