TCG Roadmap: Keep Cool

Shelley Armstrong of Microsoft shares two best practices within her design department …

Create a ‘random wall of cool’

“We pin things up in a common area that inspire us along with a Post-it describing why,” Armstrong says. “It makes us share our inspirations and gives us something interesting and ever-changing to look at. The wall features illustrations, examples of innovative packaging, favorite fonts, cool lighting options, products we lust after, color combinations that feel fresh, paper samples, fun advertising campaigns and more.”

Sponsor ‘cool and cheesy’ show-and-tell sessions

“Each week a different designer is expected to bring one example of a cool, inspiring design and one example of a ‘cheesy’ design that must be shared,” Armstrong says. “It’s so much fun; I get to see what my designers are into, from fun Flash websites to print campaigns. There is always a great deal of laughter and we all walk away having been exposed to something new.”

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2 thoughts on “TCG Roadmap: Keep Cool

  1. Cailin

    I have a small inspiration board in my cubicle but would love to expand it beyond and have other staff in my department contribute.

    Who wouldn’t have boatloads of material for the “Cool and cheesy” show-and-tell?

    Great ideas!