TCG Roadmap: The Social Mavens Behind Social Media

Social Media 4

The following is the fourth post in a series on social media. (Pt1/Pt2/Pt3)

Once the stakeholders within your company have agreed upon the answers to key questions and developed an initial social media strategy, you may find yourself in need of additional personnel to develop and maintain your program.

Positions in Demand & Job Descriptions

Following are general job descriptions for some of the most in-demand positions.

Director of Social Media Strategy

Creates and manages overall social media presence. Develops creative, marketing and monetization strategies. Integrates ideas and strategies into holistic marketing and communications plans to ensure consistent branding across multiple platforms. Presents ideas, budget and staffing plans to senior executives and department heads; builds consensus and gains support. Develops systems to track and measure programmetrics. Builds strategy for addressing potential crisis issues via social media tools. Monitors broader industry and interactive trends; incorporates new tools and strategies as appropriate. Position may also be called Director of Interactive Strategy.

Interactive Project Manager

Plans, organizes and executes multimedia projects. Meets with clients to understand needs, determine specifications and coordinate planning. Strong interpersonal skills and an eye for detail are essential, as is the ability to communicate effectively with both technical and creative teams. Position may also be known as Project Leader or Media Consultant.

Interactive Strategist

Develops social media campaigns and content, as well as initiatives that encourage social interaction. Engages counterparts in multiple departments (such as public relations, marketing, technology and customer service) on program strategy, execution and implementation. Develops recommendations to address shifts in trends and activity. Establishes schedules for campaign creation and maintenance. Gains placement on social news sites. Creates and enforces social media guidelines. Monitors competitive activity. Position may also be called Digital Strategist.

Community Manager

Engages with online community, participates in conversations and addresses problems as they arise. Highly skilled in the most popular interactive tools; may instruct others on usage. Monitors the brand’s reputation throughout the online space and escalates potential crisis issues to appropriate people in the company. Provides regular reports on usage and activity. Coordinates with different departments and people to ensure consistency and transparency.

Interactive Traffic Manager

Responsible for trafficking online initiatives, including advertising campaigns, inventory reporting and analysis, and communicating with clients throughout all stages of an initiative. Additional duties may include assisting a sales team to ensure sourced text links and all copy and creative material are properly tested and tracked; preparing online traffic reports by sourcing appropriate data; and manipulating data into weekly, monthly and/or end-of-campaign reports.

Key Hiring Mistakes To Avoid

Placing too much of a premium on years of experience.

The interactive space is still new: Twitter launched in 2006, Facebook in 2007 and the iPhone App Store in 2008. It’s better to focus on a candidate’s level of success in using these tools rather than his or her years of experience. If you seek candidates with a certain number of years working in a particular industry or business setting, state that instead.

Putting less-experienced staff members in over their heads.

They may be Facebook aficionados, but entry-level candidates aren’t necessarily the best to task with social media implementation, which requires a big-picture approach and thorough understanding of company objectives and history, multiple audiences, and potential sensitivities. Be careful about which projects you assign to junior-level staff, and provide supervision on execution and maintenance activity.

Equating web with interactive experience.

Building a strong web presence is not the same as building a strong interactive presence. Web skills don’t necessarily indicate potential abilities or success in the social media space. Look closely at candidates who have developed and executed interactive campaigns with impressive results.

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