TCG Triplets: Change Mangement

Mistakes to avoid:

1. Blaming those at the top. If you’re a middle manager who has to deliver bad news, you may be inclined to tell employees that you would have done things differently, but the choice wasn’t yours. While this may temporarily take the heat of you, it sends a message that you’re out of sync with the company’s leaders, which could be disconcerting to staff. Instead, present changes and the reasons behind them, including how they will help your firm persevere.

2. Feeling people are lucky just to have a job. This assumption is based on he belief that when the economy is weak people feel fortunate to have a stable position, even if it’s not their ideal job. While this may be true in some cases, remember that your most talented employees always have options. Good people are marketable in any economy, and you want your best performers to stay with you for the long term.

3. Reducing autonomy and teamwork. When business indicators begin to weaken, some firms resort to a hierarchical management approach in hopes of increasing control and restoring profits. Cutting back on opportunities for staff to collaborate and make their own decisions can backfire, however, especially among Gen Y workers, who value autonomy and the ability to work with others.