TCG Triplets: Program for Productivity 2

Mistakes to avoid…

1. Equating busy with productive. Don’t base employee recognition on who’s logging the most hours or providing the most detailed project updates. Instead, reward people based on the results they generate against company objectives and the progress they make along the way.

2. Postponing recruiting efforts. Even in uncertain times (especially in uncertain times, some would argue), it’s important to continue building and strengthening your staff. Employees  who’ve been continually asked to do more with less can reach a point of diminishing productivity if reinforcements aren’t brought in. While you may be hesitant to hire on a full-time basis until you are certain the need will be ongoing, consider using project professionals to fill gaps during peak workload periods.

3. Fostering ‘fear factors’. Make it safe for workers to ask for help with projects. Often, your most reliable staff members will be the most overloaded and least likely to speak up. You may not like having to step in to remedy the situation, but it’s better than the alternative: missing a deadline or losing a good employee to burnout.