TCG Triplets: Program For Productivity

Mistakes to avoid…

1. Engaging in meeting mania. In a survey by TCG, 27 percent of the workers polled said meetings are their biggest time-waster at work. Re-evaluate all your gatherings, and think twice before scheduling that Monday meeting.

2. Trimming training. Be cautious about cutting staff development budgets, since enhancing your employees’ skills can pay off both in the short and long term. Do, however, make sure that company-sponsored trainings are effective and cost-efficient. Ask vendors for references, and leverage web-based training or seminars. If employees attend a seminar or conference, have them share their knowledge with the rest of the group.

3. Making work ‘mission impossible’. Layoffs and budget cuts may mean one person is doing the job of two, or even three people. If this is the case, decide which duties are mission-critical, and focus on those. Delegate remaining tasks, bringing in temporary professionals if necessary, or put these items on hold. This will help you avoid overwhelming your staff or setting them up for failure.