TCG’s Designer Dream Team: What’s the Big Idea?


The Creative Group has undertaken the big task of defining the creative team of the future. This post and others will feature excerpts from TCG’s document, “The Creative Team of the Future”, which are most relevant to in-house designers.




Are You an ‘Ideas Person’?

The following tips will help you position yourself as a problem solver.

• Know your numbers. If you’re not comfortable crunching numbers or sorting and analyzing data in Excel, now’s the time to take a refresher course. Technology generates reams of information about user behavior, and your ability to interpret various facts and figures will help you be more successful.

• Adapt to new technologies quickly. Being able to predict the next hot social network or killer app isn’t as important as embracing and experimenting with new contenders as they begin to gain popularity. Read up on the latest innovations at sites like TechCrunch and Mashable.

• Hone your collaboration skills. “Collaboration is absolutely critical, particularly now that the best ideas come into contact with end users from many different points,” says Duffy of Duffy & Partners. You might need to work with employees in different departments, including public relations, information technology, legal and human resources – sometimes across multiple companies – to bring an idea to life.

• Think of yourself as the letter T. “You had better be T-shaped or you’re done,” says Quentin George, chief digital officer at IPG Mediabrands. What does that mean? You need deep subject-matter expertise (the vertical part of the T) paired with an understanding about how your skill set fits across the entire marketing spectrum (the horizontal part of the T).

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