The 64% Solution

There’s an interesting statistic in HOW magazine’s salary survey published in the Nov/Dec issue. A whopping 64.2% of the respondents work in in-house departments followed by distant percentages for design firms -13.1%, ad agencies – 12.5% and freelancers at 10.3%. And I’d bet that some of those freelancers are working on site as in-house contract workers.

It’s no surprise that, given these statistics, design publications and organizations are offering a higher percentage of in-house specific content and focus. With the exception of Communication Arts, many magazines, including most notably HOW, have established regular in-house specific columns and features. AIGA has established an ambitious in-house initiative with the intention of aggressively expanding its outreach to the in-house community at both a national and local level.

So the door is opening and I hope many of you will come inside.