The Accidental Creative: Advice on avoiding accidents at work and at play

Accident_Creative_CoverAnyone who was fortunate enough to have attended IHMC’s closing keynote delivered by Todd Henry this past June will be easily convinced by my pitch to buy his book, The Accidental Creative. The keynote, in an inspirational and, granted, high-level manner, captured the essence of Todd’s creativity and productivity enhancing strategies and tactics as put forth in the book.

I, for one, was initially uninterested in reading The Accidental Creative, but purchased and committed to reading it to be better able to introduce Todd to his audience. Actually, I downloaded the audiobook, which Todd narrates to good effect. I have a one-hour commute each way to work so I figured one week would be plenty of time to get through it. What I found, though, was that I was continually pausing it to make notes to myself on how to implement his insights and advice (not particularly smart timing since I was in the process of driving my car in New Jersey traffic no less).

As noted on the book’s website – “In The Accidental Creative, Todd Henry reveals the dynamics of organizational creativity and teaches simple practices that help you unlock brilliant ideas and establish a rhythm that supports your creative process.” This guy is not selling snake oil here. I recommend you make the book your next read.