The Cohen-Miller Report: Tough Talk

Communicating with Conviction

by Emily Cohen

Taylor Mali is a slam poet with a great and humorous message on communicating with conviction. My 10th grade son shared this YouTube video recently with me that I find quite relevant and inspirational. It is all about speaking strongly and demonstrating confidence through language and voice.

Often effective communication is as much about how you say something as what you say. Taylor’s engaging words, “it is not enough to question authority, you have to speak with it too”, resonates with my own recommendations. This style is particularly successful with conflict-related communications, such as negotiations.

If your communication style is hesitant or shows lack of confidence. then the content of what you are saying can be impacted, become diffused, and, ultimately, is less successful. Taylor reiterates the underlying message in these types of communications: “I’m like inviting you to join me on the bandwagon of my own uncertainty.”

Take a moment to think about how you say something as much as you think about what you say and the final message will ring loud and clear.

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