The Decade’s 10 Best Super Bowl Ads

The Decade’s 10 Best Super Bowl Ads
By Ed Roberts

I’ll be tuning into Super Bowl XLVII not to watch the retiring Ray Lewis and the Baltimore Ravens battle—ahem—the “best wide receiver in NFL history” Randy Moss and the San Francisco 49ers. Oh no, my eyes will be glued to the television—like 51 percent of the viewers—to watch those “cerebral gelatinizing” confections our industry’s most elite creative teams (Deutsch Inc., Goodby, Silverstein & Partners and former in-house agency Innocean) will serve at roughly $127,000 per second. Oh yes, I can see our brains now “softening like ripe bananas” as Alec “TV Star” Baldwin so eloquently stated in the 2009 Hulu spot that aired during Super Bowl XLIII—hmmm, mushy mush indeed!

To commemorate the advertising industry’s most celebrated American pastime—beginning with the angelic Noxzema spot in 1973—I have compiled the 10 best Super Bowl ads from the past decade. By the way, I make the greatest chicken chili this side of the Mason-Dixon line, but I can’t wait to gobble up this year’s most delicious creative served up hot and fresh in a Super Bowl. My mouth is already watering, go Deutsch!

2003_Reebok_Terry TateSuper Bowl XXXVII
Tampa Bay Buccaneers (48) vs. Oakland Raiders (21)
at the Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego, CA
2003 Reebok “Terry Tate” ad

2004_Chevy_Soap2004_Bud_DonkeySuper Bowl XXXVIII
New England Patriots (32) vs. Carolina Panthers (29)
at the Reliant Stadium in Houston, TX
*It’s a tie!
2004 Chevrolet SSR “Soap in Your Mouth” ad and the
2004 Budweiser “Clydesdale Donkey” ad

2005_Ameriquest_Bloody CatSuper Bowl XXXIX
New England Patriots (24) vs. Philadelphia Eagles (21)
at the Alltel Stadium in Jacksonville, FL
2005 Ameriquest Mortgage “Cat Killer” ad

2006_FedEx_CavemanSuper Bowl XL
Pittsburgh Steelers (21) vs. Seattle Seahawks (10)
at the Ford Field in Detroit, MI
2006 FedEx “Stick” ad

2007_Sierra Mist_Comb OverSuper Bowl XLI
Indianapolis Colts (29) vs. Chicago Bears (17)
at the Dolphin Stadium in Miami, FL
2007 Sierra Mist “Beard Comb Over” ad

2008_Bud Light_ Jackie MoonSuper Bowl XLII
New York Giants (17) vs. New England Patriots (14)
at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, AZ
2008 Bud Light “Jackie Moon” ad

2009_Doritos_Crystal BallSuper Bowl XLIII
Pittsburgh Steelers (27) vs. Arizona Cardinals (23)
at the Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, FL
2009 Doritos “Crystal Ball” ad

2010_Snickers_Betty WhiteSuper Bowl XLIV
New Orleans Saints (31) vs. Indianapolis Colts (17)
at the Sun Life Stadium in Miami, FL
2010 Snickers “Betty White” ad

2011_Volkswagon_The ForceSuper Bowl XLV
Green Bay Packers (31) vs. Pittsburgh Steelers (25)
at the Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, TX
2011 Volkswagen “The Force” ad

2012_Camry_ReinventionSuper Bowl XLVI
New York Giants (21) vs. New England Patriots (17)
at the Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, IN
2012 Toyota Camry “Reinvented” ad

Ed Roberts is a Creative Director who has assembled a brilliant in-house team of strategic, creative superheroes. Together they develop and execute the marketing and visual strategies for ElectriCities of NC, an organization that manages billions of dollars in electric generation assets and serves over 500,000 consumers. Follow Ed (@InHouseObs) on Twitter for more inspiration and insight.