18 thoughts on “This Old In-house: 100 Ways To Turbocharge An In-house Team

    1. Andy Epstein Post author

      Hi Scott,

      DAM stands for Digital Asset Management. A DAM solution is basically a database with a visual interface that’s designed to allow you to sort through all of your image, audio, video and design files and retrieve them without having to sort through lots of folders and subfolders. You can usually also assign keywords that are relevant to how you use the files to make it easier to search for specific content.

      Hope this explanation helps.


  1. Pat O'Sullivan

    Hi Andy,
    Enjoyed your presentation at HOW and the whole InHOWse event – thank you. You had mentioned making the full 100 Ways… list available after the conference. Will you be posting that here?
    – pat o’sullivan

    1. Andy Epstein Post author

      Hi Amy

      Designer Black Day is a day when an entire design team agrees to wear the quintessential all black designer uniform on the same day. At Bristol-Myers Squibb we got over 75 people to join in and took a photo of the team at lunch. It was a hit and ended up on almost everyone’s wall.


  2. Niki

    First off I want to say thanks for all the work you are putting into helping us newbies. Being a in house design manager is challenging and a lot of what happens doesn’t make sense. I now feel like those challenges, while difficult, are manageable and I do have the power to change the way my company works with us that will be beneficial for us and the company. So a couple of questions…

    I have looked into some DAM solutions for my company, they all seem to be about the same. Do you have any suggestions for software that has worked well for you?

    Also in your sessions and book you spoke about having an archiving process. I have one but it is not working really well. I package the files for print and get rid of the extra working files that will not be of use later. How well this is done usually depends on how much stuff is going on. We re use a lot of our artwork and I wondered if I should not archive the links and use the DAM to keep the different versions of the art. Is this the way we should do this?

    I am kind of wet behind the ears at being a design manager and could use some guidance on specifics of these processes. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  3. nicole meoli

    hi andy,
    i was in your HOW session about turbo-charging an in-house team and you’d mentioned that you would put all 100 ways up on your blog. are they hiding somewhere or am i just blind? : )
    if they are not up, could you put them up or send them to me?
    i really loved what you had to say.
    thanks so much,

    1. Andy Epstein Post author

      Hi Nicole,

      No you’re not blind – I’m posting the 100 Ways in staggered installments of 20 each. The next group will go live next week.


  4. Dwight New

    Andy- thanks so much for the “personalized” iphone video for my colleague, Jill! It was a hit. Speaking of videos- have you posted the “Dear Mr. or Mrs. Boss- It’s a gorgeous day in Chicago and your direct reports are inside learning about chargebacks” video from the conference?

  5. Cecilia

    I loved Andy’s presentation at the InHOWse Managers Conference in Chicago! Although, I have to say… the 100 ways to improve an in-house design team performance needs some ways to improve spelling, maybe proof reading before publishing it online?

    1. Andy Epstein Post author

      I’ve inadvertently validated a question I often pose in presentations asking why companies so often assign proofreading responsibilities to designers when we’re known to often be poor spellers.

      My apologies, though, for the sloppiness. In my haste to get the slides up (and the lack of experience using Illustrator’s spell check feature) misspellings slipped through.