This Old In-house: Don’t Subtract The Value Add

So you’ve become savvy enough at the in-house game to have put an effective creative team marketing strategy into play. It finally became obvious to you that the benefits of promoting your team far outweighed the extra effort required to create that website, brochure and PPT you designed that showcases your team’s work and the value you bring to your company. You’ve put together case studies, capabilities descriptions and cost-savings analysis.

Chances are, though, that you’ve failed to articulate some of the most important contributions your department makes to your company. These are the non-design value-adds that you bring to the table each day. You want to make sure these contributions don’t get ignored when you’re promoting your team.

We all tend to define ourselves so much by the design deliverables we create that we forget or minimize the other ways we help our companies. These ways might include facilitating the marketing materials routing and review process, schooling up new inexperienced marketing managers on the design side of the marketing function, assisting clients with their outside vendor relationships, helping procurement audit and validate invoices and contracts with outside marketing services vendors and proactively targeting and addressing corporate branding or marketing issues not obvious to our non-design peers.

I’ve heard of design teams that have assisted their IT departments in the implementation of Digital Asset Management solutions, supported their C-level teams in business meetings by visualizing complex strategic initiatives and worked with Manufacturing on integrating more efficient packaging processes and procedures into the production process.

These types of success stories distinguish your team from outside design vendors and validate the notion that an in-house team brings more value to a company than other marketing services business models. Leverage this fact and use it to raise your team’s stature and credibility.