This Old In-house: QAT is Where It’s At


SLAs, OLAs, SOPs, SOWs, mission statements, vision statements, goals/strategies/tactics; with all the well intentioned attempts to focus and align your and your team’s efforts with your department’s true purpose, it can get a little confusing. If you find yourself trying to navigate these murky waters it’s time to get back to the basics with QAT: Quality, Accuracy and Timeliness.


Are the services and deliverables your team provides and creates:


  1. Of the highest quality both aesthetically and in meeting the goals of the assignment?
  2. Accurate? Is the content correct? Is the spelling correct? Is it grammatically correct?
  3. Completed on time? – both the final deliverable and comps that are part of the iterative design process.


In addition, when adopting the QAT mindset, it’s beneficial to emphasize the “QA” as in Quality Assurance. What practices are you and your team employing to ensure all work is fully vetted before a client sees it.


This isn’t rocket science which is exactly why it should be easy for you and your reports to keep top of mind. If you get QAT right you’ve hit 90% of your mandate resulting in happy clients, happy management and a happier team.