This Old In-house: Renewing Your Navel


Flern is the technical term for bellybutton lint. Apparently there’s a word for just about everything with the disappointing exception of unreasonable client requests – but I digress.




Metaphorically speaking, as an in-house designer, aka an “innie”, (which also designates a navel that dips in rather than bulges out) I’d like to propose that we  corporate creatives look upon flern as representative of all those bad habits and misguided assumptions that we should swab out in an attempt to make a clean start in the new year.

Below is a partial list that hopefully will inspire you to pull out a Q-tip and snag some of those dustbunnies that are getting in the way of your success.

  • Don’t make your clients the enemy even though it may feel like they are – the goal is to create collaborative partnerships and there ain’t no way that’s happening if you view them as the axis of evil
  • Stop hiding behind your monitor – get out and talk with others in your company – especially those whom you like least or who intimidate you
  • Don’t isolate yourself – join AIGA, your local Art Director’s Club, register for the InHOWse conference
  • Stop avoiding undertaking a tough strategic project such as the implementation of SOPs, a staffing restructure or a time capture system

2 thoughts on “This Old In-house: Renewing Your Navel

    1. Donna

      Hey I’ve very pleased that for the first time since I’ve been here I got REAL answers to “Who is the target market, MoD & problem to be solved”. Usually, the answers I get are: “Everyone”, “they are all the same” and “we don’t have a problem!”

      Oh yes, the times they are a’ changin’.