This Old In-house: Take a Position On Your Position


A position description is one of the most critical documents an in-house designer needs in order to properly perform their jobs and advance their careers, yet many creatives don’t have one. Without a list of responsibilities, expectations and required skills, not to mention a reporting structure and work instructions, a designer working in a corporate environment has no benchmarks for success, no tangible short and long-term goals and little if any opportunity to grow creatively or professionally.

If you’re lucky enough to have a position description, review it, determine what may be missing or inaccurate given your current role and work with your manager and HR to revise it. If you don’t have one, be proactive and create one. Then meet with your manager to discuss what you’ve created and work towards its adoption as a formal documentation of your role that will be used during performance reviews and in goal setting exercises.

This tact may be confronting and uncomfortable for you, but management is most likely not inclined to take on the creation of position descriptions if they haven’t already and unless you do, you’ll have no clear sense of exactly what is expected of you and no clarity on how to advance within your company.

Make sure to include the following in your description:

  • Title
  • Whom you report into
  • Who reports into you
  • Required skills (both creative and business skills)
  • Responsibilities (what you are required to do – both creative and business functions)
  • Expectations (quality of your execution of your responsibilities – how quickly you perform your functions and at what level of expertise)
  • Role (what authority you have)


One thought on “This Old In-house: Take a Position On Your Position

  1. Donna

    Excellent idea. I do not have a description & we just finished our annual reviews. They always ask for goals for the upcoming year & this year, I couldn’t think of one. I wrote that I had reached a “status quo” & have been kicking myself for not changing it before turning the evaluation in.

    Think I’ll complete one now and include a copy of this article for when I have to meet with my manager & discuss the review. =)