This Old In-house: The Brandchurian Candidate

The above slide, taken from a DesignCast I’ll be presenting on April 7th, speaks to an all too common in-house affliction – being brand brainwashed. It’s so easy when living, eating and breathing your company’s brand to lose perspective.

  • Specifically, in-house designers can overestimate the power and impact of their company’s brands and either under or over design the branding elements on corporate materials.
  • Innies are also prone to making assumptions about who their brands’ audiences are. Demographics change and corporate creatives who have a deep history with their companies’ customers may be relying on outdated information and inaccurate guesses.
  • Everything looks better in a corporate conference room than in the world outside a company’s hallowed halls. It would be a big mistake to ignore that fact when creating branded materials that will have to fend for themselves in the real world.
  • In-house designers can invest a lot of themselves in the creation and nurturing of their branding elements. Like a parent with a child, they may become overprotective of their brand baby. Not necessarily the best mindset when having to keep a brand nimble and topical in today’s ever-changing marketplace.