This Old In-house: The Playlist Partydown

A few weeks ago, behind on our assignments and with more work on the horizon, our team was offered the opportunity for OT on a Saturday. When I asked for volunteers a few designers slowly raised their hands but by week’s end we had a solid half dozen intrepid artists.

I was determined not to have the half-day feel like 4 hours we all had to slog through, so I asked the volunteers to make a playlist of their favorite songs and told them we would play them (pretty loudly) on Saturday. I also mentioned I was putting together a themed playlist (it was covers of famous songs) just to hype the whole idea a bit.

Everyone arrived with their playlists and some breakfast goodies to give us all a reasonably respectable sugar high. We cranked up the stereo and had a blast. The following Monday, the Saturday crew was so psyched about the morning that their enthusiasm infected the others on the team to the point where many expressed regret that they hadn’t come in.

Actually, there were even more positive outcomes from our playlist playtime but you’ll have to join in on my February DesignCast to get the lowdown on that partydown.