This Old In-house: Waving the Red Flag

Weekly or biweekly one-on-ones are a great tool to coach and manage directs, but in the fast-paced, fire drill, crisis du jour in-house creative team environment they’re not an adequate practice to mitigate 11th hour disasters. So to avoid getting blindsided by an irate client or disappointed boss, get a handle on potential train wrecks by conducting quick 15 minute or less red flag meetings with your directs on a daily or every other day basis. The only purpose for and topics to be covered on these calls should fall into the “what’s about to blow up” category and a quick discussion about potential next steps.

2 thoughts on “This Old In-house: Waving the Red Flag

  1. Edie

    We begin each day with a quick 15 minute “daily status” mtg. Just the production manager, creative manager and myself. We quickly discuss where we are on each major project. The production manager takes the main points and posts it on our digital white board within our project management software for the team to see. It’s quick and effective. Goals are communicated without bogging down everyone’s time.

  2. Andy Brenits

    We have a creative team “huddle” each morning to review (at a high level) what’s on everyones plate that day, issues that may be bubbling up from previous daily huddle(s), and things we have to have on the radar in the upcoming days/weeks. It also allows me to present important company/leadership information in a timely manner, rather than a weekly staff meeting where the info is stale or no longer relevant or timely. The morning huddles have replaced the need for weekly or bi-weekly staff meetings.

    Since starting this morning meeting, there has been a greater awareness by the entire team of the projects on our collective plates. I’m happy to say it has also increased the cross-function collaboration within my creative services department.

    Because I’m often in meetings much of the day, this is also dedicated time for everyone to get my undivided attention to provide guidance, review creative work, etc.